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BC.GAME is scamming people!

As the admin of Luckygames.io, I conduct a stress test for competitor casinos to see their disadvantages and not allow them on my site.

If everything is great with bitsler, and stake is more or less good, then bc game is a special situation.

First of all, they give bonuses in the form of 30$ for registration, and after wagering count only 10$ on the balance.

In addition, they will not withdraw them to you.
You will have to go through verification, provide your documents, put money for payment, and then see that your request for payment was canceled. You will apply for the payout again, but the second time it will be canceled. After that, you will be blocked from withdrawing.

Secondly, bc game has absolutely no checks as they claim.
My friend put referral charges in the form of 20$ for a payout.
A day later, someone logged into his account with a new ipi, put 40$ on the payout. The moderator was not embarrassed at all and confirmed the payment, as a consequence, 40$ went to unknown person. There are suspicions that logging into the account could have been initiated by the moderator and the money could have been stolen by him….

Thirdly, a lot of people complain about the fact that they do not withdraw money, and this is the most important thing! They are simply thrown away… I highly do not advise to play in bc game, because in fact it is bc FAIL…


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  • October 5, 2023 at 6:42 pm

    Here you can read a lot of negative reviews about how bc game didn't withdraw money and scammed people.
    I believe them because I have witnessed the dishonesty bc fail myself…..

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