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Bustabit/EtherCrash – Multi-Chaser Script Analytics and ROI. Passive Income From 25%-170% per month.

What everyone has been waiting for . An update on my Analytics and ROI of the MC script and compared to the generic activation script which is free.

This script will go on sale in 24 hours. To get a copy you must be on my discord at the moment and the instructions for purchase will occur.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BjqUuGw8mw


welcome to beat the house today i’m going to talk about the multi-chaser script and its return on investments i know we did the tutorial or did the tutorial video the other day um so i was really waiting for this last piece so you can see the returns are to see if if you want to purchase the script or not if you want to purchase script currently you’ll need to come into my discord channel um and at that point we’ll be giving instructions on how to purchase the script um if you’re interested in doing so but first i think if anything you want to know about the return on investments yeah so let’s get into that so i’ve got an excel sheet that i work through theory day um so first someone had asked me hey you’ve given out this generic free script to you know generic activation free one on the channel even custom games and that kind of stuff but how much money what the difference is between this free script and the one that if i have to purchase this other one right so if i was running this 12x generic profit one which i know a lot of people are doing in the channel and i was running on the exact same settings of the multi-chaser script okay with a hundred thousand budget i would have made twelve thousand uh six hundred and five uh bits if i did that under the uh records version uh for a hundred thousand under the same 14 days i would have earned almost 40 000 so over three times the amount okay so that kind of tells you okay you know what’s worth it you know at what level right now i didn’t want to do the records version for a hundred thousand for 60 days or 120 days to really give comparison on that but you could probably tell it’s going to be substantially different i mean if you look at this and even at two twenty thousand bits versus a hundred thousand bits if i ran this uh records version i’m already 121 000 versus uh 97 000 uh for that version so it’s a significant profit increase i would tell you uh and this is why it’s probably way better like you’ll probably have at least i mean this is three probably five times more money okay so let’s just get rid of this and let’s undo this back normal here oops just lost you know what let’s just undo undo there we go okay all right so last number one so number two if i ran it with the aggressive settings um which is a little safer because you have activation 31 and survival 135 which is roughly like 12 percent above the longest streak that’s like 10 above the longer streak um you’re looking in 30 days you want to make 9 000 versus when you make 25 000 so it’s a significant difference going up 11 activation spots i’ll tell you that right now um and but there’s no safety right it’s you’re matching the electricity as long as there’s no record being made for a 12x in that 30 days if you take that risk you would have profited 25 all right and then 12.5 x which is a little more um survivability it goes to 150 it’s a 12 it’s basically it’s a 12x 12.5 x ratio or 10 whatever is higher to give you the best ability to uh to live so if a ratio has came up with 12.5 already you’re going to do 12.5 plus 10 percent right if something’s only 10 you’re gonna do 10 uh or sorry 10 ratio you have 10x ratio plus 10 um if those don’t know what ratios are it’s busy taking the longest streak and dividing it by the cash out okay so on my other consolidated script i think if i went back here you’d see what the longer streak was and the ratios that they perform okay so let me go back to the scripts and i know you’ve seen that from other videos so that is what i mean by the ratio okay so as you can see here i mean one really cool thing here is if you won the classic bet style with a 1.1 modifier for the fixed incomes and as you know from the previous tutorial um three five and seven cannot do the classic best best all because they are odd numbers but i want to add them in there because of to generate some more money i’ll pick up a little bit you know here and there if you had 10 000 bits and you ran that for 120 days so four months you would be at uh 600 return on investment or even after 30 days looks like this based on this hash which this hash is from yesterday night at 8 30 pm eastern so january 8th 8 30 uh 2021 um it would we would have made 170 almost 180 percent on our money um so that’s pretty fantastic news to run for 30 days and this is the records version so if you don’t think a record is going to happen next 30 days you could probably earn expect to earn about 150 180 on your money okay now that’s risky obviously because records do get broken um there was even record broken last night on ethercrash that um i was playing in and luckily i had the 10 coverage uh because it went to about five percent over actually so i still had 72 odd games to play of my 130 i had so it did waste about 60 games of 130 in overage but um it was successful so some of these numbers may not be perfect anymore because i’ve had to update the numbers um recently because of last night’s game so i kind of threw this thing off because i ran this i was doing this yesterday and then of course last night so i had to update the numbers a bit because i knew records for 100 x cash out um so but really you know you’re going to be off maybe 500 bits here um so let me show you what the records version looks like so let’s go grab it and simulate it okay so i’m going to go in here in the simulator uh let me go back out so you can see actually i’ll start nice and clean nice and clean so let’s just do this nice and clean here so i’m going to go into the multichaser records so this is everything so let’s take a look and this is any fixed profit would drop by 1.1 like we said um don’t worry about the capital invest i i put it here like that only because um i don’t need to keep playing with the balance down below and i’ll tell you i’ll show you how i’ll show you what that is what’s that about so as you can see here were streaks 13 we’re going to slide 14 20 21 as you said everything is just exactly perfect okay as you go through this entire thing so these are the current records in bust a bit and ether crash combined so right now an ether crash the longest thousand x is seven three seven nine where bust a bit is only seven thousand sixty two but we’re going to take this and put seven three eight zero okay so we have ten thousand starting balance and like i said don’t worry about the capital of the best because if the cal invest is higher than the starting balance capital investment gets unlike a change to the starting balance so just it allows me to play down here without going scrolling up the top and going back to the bottom i can just do it all just right here what i want to change so it’s nice so let’s go and grab the hash code from last night and for those wondering too the reason why you’ll never see a negative profit here is because we have every streak covered so it’s impossible to do that so the whole idea of this is that you can only lose if a new record occurs and there’s different levels of different scripts that i’ve created um so we’ll take a look at that and they all have you know different safety records so i’m gonna run six hundred thousand um game is just 120 months or 10 000 at this hash with the records version so it’s going to take a little bit of time so i will go back here so i have four versions ready to go right now we have the records versions we have the aggressive version the 10 rule and the recommended a version available to you picked up right now now all these scripts are available for you all the numbers and you can adjust the numbers too i mean it’s all user configurable so you can play with it whatever i’m just kind of just you know trying to put my script out there with a set of um scripts with a set of roi so you can then cross-reference it and check it out and make sure it makes sense so let’s go back take a look so here we go this was the ten thousands the hash sixteen thousand games we did and the profit was sixty thousand one hundred and forty two which exactly matches what i have said here so that is a profit increase of six hundred percent okay and that’s with these settings but maybe you say you know what that’s really scary you know some records do you have placed 1.5 x more safe version not a problem i do i have an aggressive version i call it and aggressive is we lost safety um we could take a look at placement 1.25x it’s very safe uh it’s uh most of it is is 10 i’d say um but some numbers are a little more like winner winner chicken dinner for example um a 4x is less only because i know what the longer streaks are or let’s say a good example maybe 6x so 6x is already at 13.3 ratio which is the highest ever and bust a bit um and so and since it’s the highest one and not even close to anything else i don’t think we need a ten percent on top of that it just blows up the water so i put a few teams like six extra games on it so like you know it’s like a a five percent ratio not ten percent but i felt that i could do that okay so let me go sorry let me go back to it so it’s just looking at numbers and say okay it should be safe here because they’re already pretty high on these ratios we don’t need 10 percent because we want to try to maximize our dollars and just like the 4×2 the forex thing’s about 52 not 54. so it’s doing 5 not 10 so it all depends on the numbers and where they’re at and basically looking at the last you know three and a half million records that i have and looking at the long streaks and seeing okay what is intelligent uh enough to make a good smart decision so these are pretty good safety records they cover it and give you survivability okay so that’s the positive part so let’s take a look at what it does so with 10 000 bits you would actually make only 70 after 60 days or you know 37 after 30 days so about 37 then this is uh you know 74 and then we get to 150 after 90 days so that’s pretty good if we look at the 20 000 bits here you can see the number starts jumping up to be a lot higher and the reason why it jumps a lot higher too is because you can play in more games so this one here the return on investment is at 16 000 so it’s uh it’s going to be almost 80 return on investment if we then look at the other ones even 100 000 bits on this you’ll see the return on investment is 100 so that is i think pretty good return after 60 days and this is you know pretty good safety on the script and then we have the 10 rule if we do this which gives you more safety overall because it’s actually it’s basically aggressive it was 10 on the other numbers that are pretty high again at a hundred thousand you’re at 72 percent return on investment versus 100 percent but you have a little more safety on a lot of other numbers and then you have recommended a which is a pretty safe it uses a 12.5 ratio if it’s not there or 10 to 15 or 10 percent whatever is higher so if the 12.5 ratio uh is smaller than the current record plus 10 percent then i’m using current record plus 10 percent i do use 15 only for 500 plus cash outs because i feel like you definitely need it for them okay so that’s what i do there um so let’s go back and see the other thing i have here is the fixed and classic so the classic modifier isaacs here the fixed one here on the records version uh return actually 11 000 and on here in the classic version it’s returning only five uh five thousand so it’s double so you say wow fix is so much better but then over time you can see how fixed you know it’s giving you the same kind of income but you see how the classic version because of the scalability on it and the long streets that come up you’re actually going to win more money over time okay so we have 121 000 versus 95 000 20. so that’s a big big difference and you can see even here if i ran the fixed with no modifier on it at 100 000 i’m at 168 000 bits versus 204 000 bits on the classic um so there is a difference on running fixed classic fixed because you’re making a very small amount there’s no scalability into it you could start a lot earlier so you’re playing more games and therefore you’re playing you’re winning more but the other one has the scalability that the longer game goes the more run you’re going to make so in the other case if a streak for 12x let’s say went to 115 you’d only make 12 bits right on the fixed one but if you did that in the classic mode you would make probably in the thousands so it’s a which makes up for all the other little games that you you know didn’t pick up 12 bits on right so that’s the kind of the the talks that’s the kind of difference between the two um i personally like the classic mode uh with a 1.1 modifier so i still have scalability even for my odd numbers i think that’s really good okay so that is the uh this the scripts and settings that i have on here um you can definitely testing things out but these are the numbers that came back if you want to see another version let’s say 10 rule because i know i’ve changed some numbers because of last night’s new record but let’s just check even one bitcoin under the 10 rule so if i come back here and i’m going to go and say okay let’s go and grab the 10 rule so this is the 10 percent so ten percent uh we’ll go here classic 1.1 okay uh let’s scroll to the bottom and let’s do uh let’s see here so one two three one two three that’s one bitcoin and then we’re gonna go here and copy this and paste it in here okay and games i guess we’re gonna do 600 000 games which is the four months so we can just check it out let’s do this and let’s run this okay so as you see here like this this is you know we have 1 500 and you know 20 odd games a bonus uh games to survive we’re very well protected okay on this one we can take a look at other ones too we have you know over 800 games protection on this one as well um and the worst record in busted basil is only seven zero six two um but we have a nice uh protection zone there so as you see we’re pretty well protected in a lot of areas uh so it’s it’s a very safe safe script being a 10 percent rule and here we go so the profit was 1 4 1 7 5 0. let me copy this because i made to update it because we did do a change uh so that was 10 rule at this one so let’s paste it in here actually it was exact same actually i can tell so yes the profit there was double your money actually 140 over four months uh and you have lots of protection so that is what the script is doing um is pretty cool because of all the upgrades that go on i don’t know if you guys saw last night in the discord channel um it was there’s a big the big chase last night let me see if i could pull that up uh let’s see here uh let’s go into the channel here 290. all right here we go um where is the oh yeah here we go so this was posted by discord here so as you see this hundred x started chasing whoa i guess uh make a scroll faster start chasing at uh position 986 i feel actually no sorry i think it’s really in that oh yeah i gotta keep going up think about 670. so it chased for a long time and uh and then of all sudden i think around this time too 200x got activated but it can’t play a tunic because it has to finish the 100x so it happened bang 1133 this thing hit which was 100x and i think it was like 133 whatever so we won a prop of 24 000 bits and then here 1133 right after it started playing the 200x and then that only played for uh about 100 games whatever else and then that hit and then i won the profit on that too so it automatically upgrades to the next activation point uh whatever you have which is fantastic i wish i could show you all that stuff live i mean uh stuff but it’s hard to get all that information actually so i can scroll up here and see so i did shut this thing down so let me see if i can go up uh that place oh yeah here we go so as we play this thing through here you can see um we bet placed 645 cache it was 100 right here and then it tells you all the information about what you can make the projected profit and then bang we lost the 165 and you see here two next we could play this actually but another one’s playing so like okay cool uh so we’re still waiting for 200x to play because we can’t and even here 7x is now available 12x is available all weigh in pending but of course with 100 100 hits there’s no point for 12 and 7 because it’s less anyway so it doesn’t even matter but 200 does matter so we’re at position where’s the counter one one two six right now let’s keep going next one one seven eight or seven nine i think is when it hits uh let’s go here so in the logs so where’s 200x we could play as activation so let’s keep going keep going down we’re still doing 100 here okay let’s find the win here let’s keep scrolling down okay we’re getting close okay here we go this is what it does okay so here’s 100x access 200 here and the number that hit was 135.93 we won 24 218 bits and then we get the summary of all of our wins we’ve done since we’ve ran this and how much total game profit we got okay and then what happens right away it says true next we could play as i just said here goes increasing bets because there’s link to the party as i call it because hey we want to simulate all the losses up to this point because we don’t want to start at one there’s no point starting one we want to make as much money as possible we have enough money to go on from here to the end so it simulates all those losses for all the counters to catch up to what the position is right now in the streak as you can see all these logs this is what it’s doing it gets that point and it says okay two deck’s been activated and then starts paying bet place two so the next bet that came up was two that’s what it was here two point one five okay and then what happened is they played it all out and then it actually obviously won as well as you could tell from my logs uh going down here let’s see where it hits um let’s go let’s go here we go uh 234 hits uh so we won our 460 profit so that got added to here saying we’ve now activated this one time we went on uh just so you know all your wins and how many times each number has hit uh for your win streak so that is how the script works obviously this is an ether crash and look at the logs uh but obviously you know we have ethernet at the crash version and we have the bust-a-bit version um and then on top of that i will be releasing a nano games version as well okay so right now if you come to my discord channel i tonight i believe or tomorrow i will be start selling it um and i’ll give you the package of the dip of the four initial scripts as i give more as i get more scripts out for different settings and what you feel because i definitely feel take the scripts run it through the simulator make sure you feel happy with what it is and what the profit return is and you really take the risk on it because again records do happen but then again records are hard to break um if we look at certain records i think i’m bust a bit the last record that was broken was back on december 11th i believe i think i could felt my daily profits actually um right here happened so december 10th um a new record 50x was established so since then it’s almost been a month because today’s january 9th we haven’t seen any records so if you’re running it from from this date to this date uh now that’s 30 days uh being aggressive if we look at the the cash again that we would have made i don’t even have 30 days here on the ground do we have records yeah records version here um we would be at 170 profit on that uh roughly on all of our all of our money that we’d be betting on so it’s very aggressive that way um you know prior to that the last record previously to the 50x being broken was back three months prior to that which was the 12x that was broken by one game um so that was it so again you may say well is this little you know it’s not enough safety i want some extra safety not a problem but you can definitely run even for 14 days and take a chance and try to get some good return in order to get some more uh bankroll into your capital uh so you could run uh safer versions going forward so again here’s the first safety you know safety level um you know a 10 000 it’s a big difference between aggressive but then again you’ve made almost 100 profit in the 90 days which is what it pretty much actually has 150 profit in 90 days so that is pretty good in my opinion um so it takes three months so if you read this over the year right and we should be pretty safe i mean that’s a pretty good reinvest that money into it it’s only going to grow more and more and more right i’ll see a bigger bankroll so that is the script that is obviously the tutorial has a whole bunch of stuff if you haven’t watched it please watch the tutorial it’s got everything on the about the features but this has the numbers backing it up um and you probably won’t know what the price is well you come to discord because i’m going to be changing the price a lot i think i feel like i’m going to be an introduction offer really to my early subscribers i’ve been with me for over a month and then it’s probably going to go up after that because i think it’s just such a great script to have and it’s a winter script and a lot of people don’t want to give up to everyone anyways so we’ll probably put the price up a lot more to actually have it so if you can you might want to be an early adopter and get it um you also get access to uh be a subscriber in my discord channel which gives you uh which will give you information to access to the new scripts that are coming out so you can get new updates uh different analysis and different ideas there and everything else that i’ll start putting out even more around the script in the future uh that you qualify for so definitely pay for if you can uh obviously please don’t give the script out uh to anyone else uh because uh one it disrespects me obviously uh in that case but two they won’t get updates uh and uh and that won’t be fun in that regard um obviously i put a lot of hard work into this in the last couple of months uh and come up with a strategy and testing it building simulators out and seeing if we can make the most money and also doing free scripts on the generic activation i did free scripts also on custom scripts for people so i did a lot of free things so today i feel like i’m going to sell this stuff here and and see what money i can make from this in order to invest in bust a bit myself to play these scripts too so i’ll be with you on it so hopefully you enjoyed this video uh smash that like button i do apologize for selling the script but i feel is the best option right now uh because it’s just so profitable that a lot of people want it because you can easily double your money so even if i charge just say you know from 25 to 100 depending on what you’re investing if you’re investing four thousand dollars that a hundred dollars will be made within the first three days right so uh it’s you know but those people don’t have that kind of money obviously it’s it’s a little more investment right to buy the script but you will get regular updates on stuff on the numbers and hopefully be worth your while to pay uh whatever i’m i’m asking for uh because you’ll have access to a lot of features and a lot of things so hope you enjoyed it smash the like button and comment my discord and i will be selling it within the next 24 hours thank you

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