Primedice java Bot to win 1Bitcoin 100% working | Crypto Casino Wins

Primedice java Bot to win 1Bitcoin 100% working

Starting balance must be more than 0.1BTC or 0.05BTC

For a start, open log on to your account deposit 0.1BTC or 0.05BTC, then Open up
your JavaScript console In Google Chrome or Firefox, this is done by right clicking any where on the page,
clicking Inspect Element, then click the Console tab.

Now open the pastebin link and copy all the codes from :

paste all the codes into your chrome console and press enter Button on your Key Board, then your next
50 bet on primedice will be a jackpot (50 Win in a row). I advise you bet on 2x Payout, do not use any
thing above 2x Always Cash Out Profits and repeat same process over.

Note : if you do not deposit 0.1BTC or 0.05BTC small glitch will not work on primedice.

Strategy By Paradocks