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Win Primedice, BIG MONEY…

Here is My Big Money Bitcoin Bot. It’s really easy to use.

1. Go to the link below.
2. Right click in the box….SELECT ALL…..COPY
3. Go to Register. Log in.
4. Deposit 0.1 BTC or greater.
5. On firefox or Chrome hit f12
6. Paste Script into the console. Hit Enter
7. Hit f12 again to close. You should now see the bot. If not repeat. Clear cookies etc…
8. Fill out the info in the bot. Recommend starting small till your confident it works, 90x Multiplier for the first 30 bets!!!!
9. Press start.
10. Remember to not do more than 30 bets at a time.
11. LOG OFF for an hour or so.
12. Rinse and repeat:)

I could sell this but as you can see I don’t need your money.

-Script HERE: