Roobet Fraud With NELK Boys ~ Faze Banks Adin Ross Stevewilldoit | Reacting to Coffeezella Exposing. | Crypto Casino Wins

Roobet Fraud With NELK Boys ~ Faze Banks Adin Ross Stevewilldoit | Reacting to Coffeezella Exposing.

Roobet Fraud With NELK Boys ~ Faze Banks Adin Ross Stevewilldoit | Reacting to Coffeezella Exposing.

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to another new YouTube video & in this video we are going to speak about, Roobet Fraud With NELK Boys ~ Faze Banks Adin Ross Stevewilldoit, make sure to stay tuned and all the way to the end & Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more updates. Various charges against YouTube personalities have surfaced throughout 2021, accusing them of participating in cryptocurrency schemes and other gambling activities. This includes the famous NELK boys. After a video from infamous YouTube detective Coffee Zella hinted something shady was going on between the NELK Boys and Roobet, things went south real fast. But the NELK Boys are responding to allegations that they were involved in offshore gambling, and we have that covered in this video. So, please sit back, relax and enjoy the show as we lay out facts in the Roobet fraud with NELK boys, for more information watch the full video…

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Info about Roobet Casino
2:05 – Is Roobet a money laundering scheme?
3:18 – Story with Nelk Boys
4:21 – Promoting alt coins and Pump and Dump
5:17 – Offshore gambling scam
7:18 – Defamation claims and save the kids claim
7:46 – Conclusion

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[Music] various charges against youtube personalities have surfaced throughout 2021 accusing them of participating in cryptocurrency schemes and other gambling activities this includes the famous milk boys after a video from infamous youtube detective coffee zilla hinted something shady was going on between the elk boys and roubet things went south real fast but the nilk boys are responding to allegations that they were involved in offshore gambling and we have that covered in this video so please sit back relax and enjoy the show as we lay out facts in the rubette fraud with milk boys but before we get into that matter here’s a little something on roubet ruben has caught the attention of various youtubers we’re all on a quest to uncover the seedier side of internet influencers and their connections to scams and scam casinos if you haven’t come across root bet it’s a crypto casino with a dodgy reputation owned by belize based company tech house limited there are several alleged rubette owners one of them being an ex-youtuber who is known for scamming and gambling in counter-strike before this channel was closed additional connections are made between roubette’s owners and a bunch of internet influencers on twitch and youtube including those engaged in gambling related streaming people have raised the issue of streamers gambling with fake money in front of a young audience getting paid by rubette to promote gambling to kids this is an actual grey area that gets more confusing the more you dive into it there are websites dedicated to helping wannabe gamblers find and use sites like roubet regardless of how old they are and where they live in the world there’s also a lot of information on the topic of kyc know your customer specifically which online casinos have the laxus kyc rules or those that don’t even bother to check their customers at all in regard to rubette there are lots of posts from users stating the casino doesn’t do kyc or they only check if withdrawals are over a certain amount while offering advice on ways of making withdrawals that don’t trigger the kyc process in other words rubet’s measures if they can be called that are a confusing mess and checking customers and implementing aml measures don’t seem to be a high priority what matters is keeping the money rolling in there’s a lot of evidence connecting the dots to roubette being one big money laundering scheme sites like rebecca sponsoring influencers including twitch streamers and youtubers to gamble with fake money for their viewers money from real gamblers flows into rubette which is then funneling money to wizza while it’s questionable whether anyone real is actually winning these prizes this endless ambitious cycle will never end and draws hate to influence her culture whizza is at least on the outside a sweepstakes site where users buy tickets in the hopes of winning big prizes the money supposedly goes to charities while winners can collect anything from super cars to expensive watches to experiences with internet influencers however there are a few interesting tidbits about whizza for one many of the influencers pushing wizard are the same ones bragging about their connection with rouvette this raises questions over whether regular people can actually win anything from whizza sweepstakes for example the small print reveals that buying tickets does not increase your chances of actually winning also contestants are offered the chance to enter the same sweepstakes for free however there are posts about people sending in free entries which could not be delivered since the addresses provided supposedly don’t exist now that you’re all caught up with rubette let’s go to the nelk boys starting with aiden ross the latest person in phase circle accused of crypto pump and dump the streamer was criticized for encouraging fans to buy crypto via a giveaway later claiming they shouldn’t waste their money on that as the recent pump and dump crypto scandal involving multiple members of faze clan continue to grow twitch streamer aiden ross has found himself coming in for similar criticism this was after tweets emerged showing him utilizing the same shady tactics to promote the milf cryptocurrency aiden ross is a member of the cloud gang alongside people like faye’s banks with both living under the same roof as the cloudhouse recently aiden ross tweeted out that his beef with brian ricegum quang who was also accused alongside phase clans k jarvis tico and nicona pumping and dumping and the save the children coin was not a fabrication designed to divert attention from what is a growing scandal engulfing the organization aiden ross claims that he never did such a scam and that his beef with rice gum is real he urges those suggesting otherwise to stop being stupid despite his claims have never been involved in a crypto scam it seems ross was at least involved in promoting altcoins in a similar way to those that were later found to be pumping and dumping pumping and dumping is the act of promoting a share or cryptocurrency you have bought in a much lower price once promoted the public moves to buy pushing up the price at this point those pumping it dump it selling it off at vast profits and leaving those who bought it based on the promotion with massive losses in reply to aiden ross’s tweet disputing his beef with rice gum is fake a user shared a screenshot of ross doing a cryptocurrency giveaway giving up to ten 000 in milf coin to lucky winners who proved that they have invested in a cryptocurrency in the first place rubbing salt on the wound another twitter used a shared clip of aiden dissing the coin advising viewers to not buy that admitting that he got paid a bag for that sponsorship and doesn’t support it at all aiden has yet to address the situation in any way shape or form now let’s look at phase bank’s tackling allegations around his involvement in an offshore gambling scam bay’s clan co-owner ricky banksmengston has finally responded to accusations suggesting he was involved in an offshore gambling scam earlier this month milk boy’s steve wilddahl wiped his gambling channel clean after being confronted by coffeezilla who also exposed the save the kids cryptocurrency scam which led to the suspension and expulsion of several phase clan members in the video which targeted the after-mentioned elk boys member coffeezilla claimed that the rubette owner who steve and nelk worked with also owned a giveaway company called whizza fans and critics have also recently pointed out how faze banks might have also been involved with the company and its owners this is also because the 29 year old signed a massive deal that saw him fly to mexico along with aiden aiden to huncho ross and others in addition they were paid a staggering 2 million dollars to promote the platform base banks featured on the bff’s podcast with joss richards and barstool’s dave portnoy and threw more light on the accusations banks started off by revealing how he is as legit as it gets and stated how he did a one-month gig with roubette here’s what he said we did a one-month stint campaign with them ruben we were getting jets to mexico we did it completely 100 percent legit i’m as legit as it gets bazebanks revealed how he got paid fat for it but expressed his bamboozlement around what the group had been accused of shedding more light on the matter he reiterated what transpired between the eth wallet and the other he concluded we all know how coinbase works it’s annoying it takes a while i start sending messages out saying yo do you have x dollars in ethereum that i could buy off of you so one of these guys came back he sends me the ethereum i did it all through my finance people and i wired the guy out like two hundred thousand dollars while banks is one of the most outspoken personalities in the community he prefers to keep his personal life and what goes on behind the scenes under wraps however if his words are to be taken into consideration baze banks hasn’t done anything wrong and clearly doesn’t want to get defamed over it this is also because the phase clan have been involved in their fair share of scams in the very recent past bayes k jarvis nikon and tigo have either been suspended or expelled from the organization for being involved in the infamous save the kids cryptocurrency scam k has been permanently released while teego has been reinstated but with a question mark looming over his spot and that brings us to the end of this video we hope you enjoyed our video just be sure to subscribe to our channel for more of our awesome content and please give us a like share the video and don’t forget to turn on the notification bell for timely updates of our new uploads we value your feedback feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and i’ll see you in the next video bye [Music] you